Handmade Soap

​Can be used anywhere on the body including the sensitive areas.

Glycerine Soap (with kids toy)

Safe for kids with sensitive skin.

Bomb Dust

Is the same as bath bombs but in loose form. Add as mush as you like into your bath water.

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Lip Balm

Use one lips but can also be used as a cuticle moisturizer.

Bath Salts

Place 1-2 cups into bath water and enjoy. 

Bath Bombs

Place 1-2 balls into bath water before or while you're in the tub and enjoy.

Shower Steamers

Are ONLY for the shower.Place on the floor of the shower, not under direct flow of water from the shower head. While washing the water will splash onto it and letting off a relaxing scent.


Could by used on face or whole body. Not near eyes or mouth.

Bubble Scoops

Are for the bath and to make a bubble bath.Take 1-2 scoops into your hand, while filling up your tub up hold your hand under the running water. It's ok if some chunks fall into the water. As water is running over your hand slightly rub the scoop until it's dissolved. Do not digest or place in eyes. Kids should be supervised while they're using it.

Sugar Scrub (salt or sugar)

Place desired amount onto hand and rub onto the area you would like to exfoliate.