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* All appointments require a credit card.     * A $25 no show fee is charged if you don’t call to cancel at least 1 hour before the appointment.     * Time durations are approximated.

* We don’t offer receipts for insurance purposes.     * Prices do not include gratuity.     * Children 12 & under must be with an adult.

* Our services are only intended for relaxation and beautification.  We don’t proclaim to heal or treat any disease or injuries.

* The cosmetics and enhancements that we apply are fragile; they are not designed for physical strain, stress or impacts.  Only a limited guarantee is offered.

​​Gel or Acrylic Nail Enhancement

Applied, sculpted, polished and moisturized. Let your nail tech know if you want pre-formed tips instead. 2hours ​$65

Gel Polish Removal

Polish is solution soaked then gently removed. Moisturizer is applied to rehydrate the nail beds. ​$20

+ (add) Nail Art

Unique art design on one or more nails. ​$5

Gel or Acrylic Nail Fill

Maintenance treatment because nails grow enhancements don't. Polish is included. $55

Nail Extras

+ (add) Gel Polish

A more durable option for fingers or toes. ​$15

Nail Enhancement Removal

Get back to natural nails with a mini manicure. $40


A layer of gel over your natural nails. ​$40